Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well, I didn't post any pictures from my planned "Painting Bonanza" from yesterday. This is because I didn't paint anything yesterday. I got dragged (kicking and screaming, of course) to play Descent (one of my favorite boardgames) at a friend's house, then I went to work.

I'll get on that whole 'painting thing' later, honest.

In other news I finally got my AT-43 books, and have been pouring over them concocting crazy army lists and everything. So far, I have 1045 points of UNA stuff.


Monday, July 23, 2007

AT-43 Repaints

For some reason I thought this deserved a seperate post.

I'm going to try and fit in the finishing touches to this one AT-43 UNA trooper that I've been toying with to find the right color scheme for my army. I realized I don't paint enough green and so I'm going to use a mixture of Citadel/Foundation paints and P3 paints to get this guy done. I'm almost finished. I'll post a picture of him tomorrow.

This picture business all depends on if I can get a hold of a digital camera tomorrow, which may be scarce. I'm hoping I can.



I'm so excited for tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to paint anything in over a week. I don't work until 6pm so I'm gonna try and get something done. I'm not gonna bother with my RPG miniatures (Barbarian for my D&D RPGA Living Greyhawk campaign (Rackham's Drac Mac Syro), or my Elf Paladin for my regular D&D campaign (a Reaper fig)) because our group's going through a transition right now.

I have these projects to choose from:

+Warhammer Dwarfs (still)
+Warhammer 40,000 Eldar (have to get these dudes done. I still have them from when I quit GW and I need to get them ready for the Apocolypse supplement)
+Dark Age Forsaken
+Confrontation Cynwall (no rush on these guys as I want to see the new list for the new Confrontation game before I go about redoing my army)
+AT-43 UNA (I hate prepaints and will actually paint these)
+Flames of War Americans
+Epic Blood Angels

I'm thinking I'll do some Dwarfing, followed by some Dark Age here and there. I only have 8 models to do for a 500 point force so you'd think I'd be able to get it done. Afterwards I wanna get my WARMACHINE done before I tackle the mammoth task that is doing over 3000 points of Eldar.

God I love painting!


P.S. I'm working on my very own Miniatures Game using 28-30mm models. I'm still working on the rules, and I want to get it patented before I go further with it, but I'm pretty pumped. I've written countless rules systems over the course of my 11 years of gaming, but I've never settled on one I like. I'll be taking the best bits of all the rules I've done, and mooshing them into this one game. I'm hoping it'll actually be fun to play (which is key). Idealy I want to form my own games company and publish it, but those are lofty goals.

P.P.S. I'm also working on an essay-ish (well-formed) argument on pre-painted models, and why I think they're bad for the hobby. I'll post it here.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dark Age Review

So I played my first game of Dark Age against a friend who's played for the first time as well. It was his Dragyri Ice Caste against my St. Mary Forsaken. I fielded two Clergy Ann; 1 Warwind; 2 Strikes; and three firestorm with leader. He had a Soul Warden; Ice Elemental; Death's Device; some spearslaves; some slingslaves; and... Some other... Type of slaves... Anyways it was 500 points.

I dropped his Soul Warden with spearslaves with a few turns of carefully placed shots from the Clergy Ann (the Soul Warden dropped in 1 turn!). My Strikes ate up a squad of spear slaves on the right flank only to get into combat with the Ice elemental and some more spearslaves. They managed to survive and even do a couple wounds to the elemental before my Warwind came in and dropped the Ice Elemental to one wound.

Before they could finish it off a Death's Device came in and minced the Strikes, and the Ice Elemental finished off the Warwind. Then, all that stuff made it over to the Clergy Ann-dominated left flank and ate them up. My Clergy Ann made the Death's Device roll alot of dice, but alas it only took one wound before slicing the Clergy Ann to ribbons.

And what of the Firestorm? Well... They killed one slingslave, then blew themselves up.

What I learned from the game is that Clergy Ann and Warwinds kick ass. Strikes are bad ass too, I'd like to have more of them, but at 70 points a pop they're something I'll invest in in a bigger points game. I have to say that I'm not at all happy with the Firestorm. I'm not saying I used them to their potential, or that my dice rolling for them wasn't the suck; but I'm gonna try my next few games with coils. Besides, the same amount of coils brings me to 495 points instead of the 486 that I was at with the Firestorm.

And the Dragyri? I found out their slaves are meat shields. I was worrying that my 8 man (or rather, woman, as I used all female sculpts) army would get done in my the slaves alone, but the only casualties I suffered (when they weren't from myself blowing up my Firestorm) were from his Death's Device, and Ice Elemental. Coincidentally the Ice Elemental's downright frightening, and the Death's Device is nothing to laugh at either. I thought I'd be able to kill it with it's paltry 3 HP but it's AR 20 is very hard to get by, even if you make him roll ridiculous amounts of dice.

All in all, I love this game. I've been playing everything GW put out for over ten years now, and lately I've been gaming nothing but non-GW games and I have to say how refreshing it is to try something new. I've played Warzone and Chronopia so some things about this system were familiar; but Dark Age is far superior in my books. I'm really looking forward to all my friends finishing their armies and us having bigger games, or just more games (don't want to bite off more than I can chew). And despite my horrible loss, I'm really impressed with how my St. Mary force performed ('cept those damned Firestorm); and am looking forward to testing my mettle in more games.


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Re: Citadel's Foundation Paints Part 2

So here's the pictures I promised from my Foundation Paint project. I finally got around to uploading them.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Primed Using Chaos Black Spray

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Mechrite Red

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Iyanden Darksun

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Khemri Brown (pants)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Tallarn Flesh

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Calthan Brown leather belts and such, Adeptus Battlegrey gun casing, Mordian Blue for those tube thingys in his... Um... Thing.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And here's all the colors I used for this project

So as you can see the model's not completely done. I still need to highlight all the colors; but at least I showed you what you can do with the Foundation paints. All the colors were painted straight over a black undercoat with one coat each. Like I said last post, these paints cover like a dream; and I've now integrated them into my regular painting routine. As for how the Foundation paints mix with the Citadel line, I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of that. Soon I'll post some of my cowboy models (we all know how soon "soon" is with me) which have all been painted with a Foundation/Citadel mix.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Re: Citadel's Foundation Paints

At first I was skeptical about the Foundation line (as were a few other people). Mainly what I was skeptical about was the fact that these paints may be seen as redundant. I mean, for over two decades gamers have gotten by with the Citadel line; and other paint lines like it. Why would they need another paint line, especially one that's main function is to act as a basecoat?

I decided that for the Foundation paints I'd get right in and paint a model using ONLY the Foundation paints. Well... I'd have to use Citadel's metallic paints, as the Foundation line doesn't include any metallics; but everything else would be only Foundation.

What I found were the following:

+The Foundation paints cover extremely well. This shouldn't have been a surprise, as that's what the line was made to do, but goddamn those things covered like a charm. Even the yellow (Iyanden Darksun), and the red (Mechrite Red).

+They're not that thick. They aren't as thick as you'd think they'd be. I mean, they're still thicker than Citadel Paints, but hardly. The first time I tried them, I decided that I wouldn't add any water to them to think them. Blasphemy, I know; but I had to try. It went on like a dream without obscuring detail, or anything.

+They're dull colors. Probably due to the nature of the amount of pigment added (I have no clue, I'm no paint chemist... Guy...) the colors are more muted, and realistic. No Scorpion Greens here, the colors look like they'd be excellent for historical wargaming, or anyone wanting 'realistic colors' for their models.

+Adeptus Battlegrey looks like it'd be amazing for Non-Metal Metallics (NMM). I'm no NMM expert; indeed, I'm still trying to figure the damned technique out, but Adeptus Battlegrey looks like it'd be a great color to start with for NMM steel. Way better than Citadel's Shadow Grey (which is what I've always been told to start with for NMM steel).

All-in-all I'm super-impressed by these paints and if you consider these part of the full Citadel line (I don't know why you wouldn't) I'd say that it brings Citadel into a tying position with P3 for the best paintline on the market.

I'll post some pictures when I can get off my duff and take some.


P.S. Coming soon is my review of Vallejo paints. A line I've been dying to try out for ages, but just haven't.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

RE: Rackham Color

So, continuing on my 'try new paints' quest I finally tried the colors from my Rackham Color paint set I bought ages ago; and I have to say, I'm not liking them.

I like different paint lines, I think it keeps things interesting within the realm of painting and allows a broader range of colors to exist and wait to be used in combination with other paints from other ranges. However, I found Rackham Color to fall behind such paint lines as Citadel, or P3.

Rackham Color's paints are much thicker than any other paint line I've seen (even GW's Foundation line), which can usually be solved by adding water. What seemed like a bucket of water later, I had finally got the paint on my palatte to be of a fine consistancy only to see that it still goes on pretty streaky. Not to mention that when it dries it looks a bit dull. Now I'm not looking for a gloss, but the pigment just doesn't seem to stand out; and with fantasy and science-fiction models, that's what I want.

Unfortunately the paints are too vibrant for historical games, leaving Rackham Color in some sort of limbo, destined to never truly fit either genre. I thought I'd give the paint another shot, by adding less water (for whatever reason), and found that hardly anything changed. More water just made the paints, well, watery; and left me with some terrible coverage.

One thing I do like about these paints is the eye-dropper lids which can be removed from the pot should you not find eye-droppers to your liking (strange, but I've heard that complaint about Vallejo before). Personally, I think eye-droppers are brilliant and thus I don't remove the lids from the Rackham Paints. Yet, I even have a problem with the bottles, for they are in a cube shape and make for some awkward squeezing. I would have much rather preferred they keep the round design that Citadel used to use, and P3 does; or use the Vallejo skinny-bottle design (but keep those removable eye-dropper lids).

Overall, I'm not psyched about these paints, and would not recommend these to any painter. What would I recommend? P3, of course. P3 is my new favorite brand of paint, and I can't wait to flesh out my collection with the rest of the range they released. I'm pretty sure I did a P3 review somewhere on this blog, so check that out. Otherwise, I'm gone.


P.S. I've bought and finished building, basing, and priming my Dark Age models and will start working on them on the 28th of June, after my Warhammer Dwarfs are completed. Strategies is having a huge Dwarf battle, where a fellow gamer and I will bring out a whopping 10,000+ points of Dwarfs, and take on all comers. I'm gonna be bringing out the White Dwarf, and hopefully get some pictures for this blog.

P.P.S. I'm also doing a cowboy gang for Warhammer Historicals Old West game, using Black Scorpion Miniatures (which are flipping fantastic). To paint them I'll be using a mix of Citadel and P3 paints, and I'll post pictures as they develop.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Dark Age

Check this out: Dark Age.

I've wanted to play this game since I first heard about it in 2002/2003 but a lack of players and a printed rules set turned me off. In 2005 they released a printed rules set but, again, a lack of players turned me off.

A week or so ago my boss E-Mails me out of the blue and asks if I've checked out this cool wargame called Dark Age, I told him I had, and needless to say we put our Warzone project to the side, and now we're working on our Dark Age forces. I'm doing Forsaken, St. Mark, force, and he's doing a Skaard force. I think these models are fantastic, the game's fantastic, and the artwork is fantastic (I'm a fan of Brom).

Anyways here's an updated list of current projects:
Warhammer - Dwarfs
Dark Age - St. Mary Forsaken
Warhammer Historical Old West - The Law (Black Scorpion Miniatures)
Warhammer 40,000 - Blood Angels
Confrontation - Cynwall
Flames of War - Americans

I hope to get those finished by August 10th when I go to Dragonflight 2007 (more on that con later), except the FoW Americans which I hope to get 600 points done by September. This'll be the summer of gaming. I have no inhibitions (work at a games shop... That's it), and nothing but time this summer.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

An Escalating Update

Three things:

1. I finally bought WARMACHINE: Escalation. I know it came out, something like, three years ago, but now I finally own it. And yes, I know that all the stats can be found in the card packs; but the book has so much great fiction, and pictures; as well as a really handy painting guide, and an interesting campaign system. I think it's well worth the $44 (CDN) that it costs, even today when all the stats are availiable through the WARMACHINE faction card-packs.

I'd like to, one day, run through the campaign systems in all their books, one after the other, to play through the whole Khador/Cygnar conflict and the invasion of Llael and everything. I think it'd be really interesting and fun to see how that works. They have the campaign system in Escalation, and then the one in Apotheosis, and I don't own Superiority yet, but I'm sure they have one in there (That's the next one I'm gonna get 'cause those Cygnar cavalry look soo good!)

2. Moving from WARMACHINE: now that I've finished the Cygnar starter set, I'm gonna take a WARMACHINE painting break (Ugh... Right when I bought Escalation) and work on my Eldar Combat Patrol for Warhammer 40,000. The Combat Patrol tournament starts tomorrow at Strategies, and I'd like to have, at least, something to take out for it, and get at least one game in tomorrow. I'm hoping tonight I'll finish my Dire Avengers and only have to sub in my old Scorpions, Banshees, and Vyper.

I haven't finalized my list yet, but it's looking like this: 5 Dire Avengers w/ Exarch (power weapon, shimmershield); 5 Dire Avengers w/ Exarch (dire sword, shuriken pistol); 5 Howling Banshees w/ Exarch (executioner); 5 Scorpions w/ Exarch (scorpion's claw, shuriken pistol); 1 Vyper Jetbike w/ Bright Lance. I'm hoping this will equal 400 points. I'll, for sure, post pictures here, of the list as it gets done.

3. RACKHAM'S AT-43 WORLD-WIDE CAMPAIGN SIGN-UP STARTS TODAY! Visit the AT-43 Website for more info, but the campaign will be a la Games Workshop, with a worldwide arena, and web-support. I don't remember when it begins, as it doesn't mention it on the site, but it will allow you to report battles now, I think... I wouldn't report any until you read Cry Havoc 14, or you actually play some battles.

Remember, it's a wargame, so it IS about competition; but my favorite part about worldwide events is that you can follow a story, and move competition down a notch in favor of fun (not to say that competition can't be fun, but you know what I mean). I'd recommend (as a veteran of every one of GW's world-wide campaigns) that you play the scenarios, and report accurate, and true battles. It's more fun that way, and it makes you look like less of a Goob (that is: someone who cares only about winning). I, personally, can't wait!

That's all, I'm gonna go work on some Dire Avengers, and get myself psyched up for the AT-43 campaign. Later!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

P3 Paints

So, tonight I used the P3 Paints (Privateer Press Paints) for the first time, and I have to say they're one of my favorite lines to paint with. I've been using Citadel Colour for 10 years throught their whitecap phase (the hex-whitecaps, not the round-bottom whitecaps) and their terrible, terrible, twist-off phase, into the golden-age that is their black-lid flipcaps, but P3 is coming close to being my favorite.

Why? Well first off for nostalgia; the pots are round with the 'ole white flip-cap that is reminiscent of Citadels' from the '90s, they even have the same vacuum-seal lids (except they're easier to open this time 'round). They even smell like the old Citadel paints. A reason for this is because Mike McVey is now working for Privateer, and he designed the entire line (for those of you who don't know who Mike McVey is, he was the pro-painter for Games Workshop for what seemd like forever. He helped design the Citadel Colour range, and now works in Seattle at Privateer Press).

Now onto some tangible qualities. The paints have very good coverage, on par if not better than Citadel, I've never had yellow drybrush so well as when I used Cygnus yellow to highlight Stryker's hair. The range is also varied, but not so much that it becomes cumbersome. In the end the range will have 64 colors, which I plan to collect all of. Mixing the colors is also a breeze, and to help along with this is the very convienent labels for the paints. If I want to paint my Cygnarians blue, I know to start with Cygnar Blue Basecoat, and add Cygnar Blue Highlight to the mixture to do the highlighting. The fun names that many paint lines use is great, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it's just nice to have something spelled out for me.

Now onto my only complaint. The paint is a bit too thick out of the pot. This isn't the end of the world, as I always water down my paints anyways; and not to mention that it helps with the coverage.

I... I guess that's about it. I also wonder at their lack of weight listings, warnings, and a barcode on all the pots and wonder how they plan on selling them individually. It could just be that the ones I own are from the starter-sets and don't need a barcode. But I digress... Good paints, good paints indeed.


For Cygnar!

Today I finished the whole Cygnar Battlegroup box (well, actually I had the Charger and Lancer done before, but I did the Ironclad, and Stryker today). For the 'jacks I used Citadel Colour Paints as I started with them, and thought I'd finish the models with them. However I used the P3 paints for Stryker and I have to say I'm very impressed. My next post will be a review of the paints, for now enjoy these pictures:


Stryker, again.

The entire Battlegroup (the 'jacks were done using Citadel Colour, and the Warcaster was done with P3 paints)

Again with the Battlegroup.


Friday, February 16, 2007

News from the Front.

I just got in those P3 paints and I'm really excited to use them. Unfortunately I don't have alot of time to do so 'cause of school but I'll get on it straight away. I have a week-long reading break that'll get me motivated so I'll try and get in at least ONE painting session (and provide pictures!).

Also, that tournament I attended was really fun, I got me some Hall of Heroes points, won Best Sportsmanship and lost every single game! BUT, it was fun, so it all evens out... I guess...


Saturday, February 3, 2007

For Chaos!

So I've finally decided to get off my ass and paint some stuff. I'm working on painting the second 1000 pts for my Warhammer Hordes of Chaos army. Here's the catch though, it's for a tournament on the 10th, that means no time for highlighting, only basecoating. I'm hoping it won't look as terrible as it does now. Half of the army is gonna look sweet, but the other half will look like a 10 year old painted it. I figure I'll go back and highlight afterwards at my own pace. I got suckered into this tournament, by a manager at the Games Workshop where I used to work. Chances are the tournament will be cancelled anyways, as Burnaby never gets enough sign-ups for their tournaments ever since the Surrey GW started hosting tournaments on the same day. Oh well...

I'm also doing a super-paint experiment. I'm workin on four different armies for four differnt games, each with their own paint likes (except Flames of War). Thus, in order to broaden my painting horizons, and because I'm a consumer whore, I'm only going to use the paint brand of the company whose miniatures I'm painting. Here's a list

Warhammer Chaos - Citadel
Confrontation Cynwäll - Rackham Color
Flames of War Americans - Vallejo (Model color paints from the Flames of War paint-sets)

This will hopefully find me a paint line I like above all others and I will make my main line; or what it will do is get me to start my own collection of paints I like best from each range. Whatever the outcome I can't wait to get underway. So far I've bought half the Vallejo, and Rackham paints I need, and 3/4 of the P3 paints I need are on order, and of course, I have all the Citadel Colour I'll ever need in my life. I'll keep y'all updated. For real this time!