Saturday, February 3, 2007

For Chaos!

So I've finally decided to get off my ass and paint some stuff. I'm working on painting the second 1000 pts for my Warhammer Hordes of Chaos army. Here's the catch though, it's for a tournament on the 10th, that means no time for highlighting, only basecoating. I'm hoping it won't look as terrible as it does now. Half of the army is gonna look sweet, but the other half will look like a 10 year old painted it. I figure I'll go back and highlight afterwards at my own pace. I got suckered into this tournament, by a manager at the Games Workshop where I used to work. Chances are the tournament will be cancelled anyways, as Burnaby never gets enough sign-ups for their tournaments ever since the Surrey GW started hosting tournaments on the same day. Oh well...

I'm also doing a super-paint experiment. I'm workin on four different armies for four differnt games, each with their own paint likes (except Flames of War). Thus, in order to broaden my painting horizons, and because I'm a consumer whore, I'm only going to use the paint brand of the company whose miniatures I'm painting. Here's a list

Warhammer Chaos - Citadel
Confrontation Cynwäll - Rackham Color
Flames of War Americans - Vallejo (Model color paints from the Flames of War paint-sets)

This will hopefully find me a paint line I like above all others and I will make my main line; or what it will do is get me to start my own collection of paints I like best from each range. Whatever the outcome I can't wait to get underway. So far I've bought half the Vallejo, and Rackham paints I need, and 3/4 of the P3 paints I need are on order, and of course, I have all the Citadel Colour I'll ever need in my life. I'll keep y'all updated. For real this time!


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