Sunday, February 18, 2007

P3 Paints

So, tonight I used the P3 Paints (Privateer Press Paints) for the first time, and I have to say they're one of my favorite lines to paint with. I've been using Citadel Colour for 10 years throught their whitecap phase (the hex-whitecaps, not the round-bottom whitecaps) and their terrible, terrible, twist-off phase, into the golden-age that is their black-lid flipcaps, but P3 is coming close to being my favorite.

Why? Well first off for nostalgia; the pots are round with the 'ole white flip-cap that is reminiscent of Citadels' from the '90s, they even have the same vacuum-seal lids (except they're easier to open this time 'round). They even smell like the old Citadel paints. A reason for this is because Mike McVey is now working for Privateer, and he designed the entire line (for those of you who don't know who Mike McVey is, he was the pro-painter for Games Workshop for what seemd like forever. He helped design the Citadel Colour range, and now works in Seattle at Privateer Press).

Now onto some tangible qualities. The paints have very good coverage, on par if not better than Citadel, I've never had yellow drybrush so well as when I used Cygnus yellow to highlight Stryker's hair. The range is also varied, but not so much that it becomes cumbersome. In the end the range will have 64 colors, which I plan to collect all of. Mixing the colors is also a breeze, and to help along with this is the very convienent labels for the paints. If I want to paint my Cygnarians blue, I know to start with Cygnar Blue Basecoat, and add Cygnar Blue Highlight to the mixture to do the highlighting. The fun names that many paint lines use is great, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it's just nice to have something spelled out for me.

Now onto my only complaint. The paint is a bit too thick out of the pot. This isn't the end of the world, as I always water down my paints anyways; and not to mention that it helps with the coverage.

I... I guess that's about it. I also wonder at their lack of weight listings, warnings, and a barcode on all the pots and wonder how they plan on selling them individually. It could just be that the ones I own are from the starter-sets and don't need a barcode. But I digress... Good paints, good paints indeed.



Jake R. said...

Great write up of the paints! My name is Jake and I'm also a gamer and, more exclusively, a painter. Good write up. I just ordered the whole set of these bad boys after getting frustrated with Vallejos. I'll be sure to keep reading your blog. Mind if I make a link to your blog from mine?

Mine is:

Hope to hear from you!


Steel Rabbit said...

Sure, you can link to my blog on yours.