Sunday, June 24, 2007

Re: Citadel's Foundation Paints

At first I was skeptical about the Foundation line (as were a few other people). Mainly what I was skeptical about was the fact that these paints may be seen as redundant. I mean, for over two decades gamers have gotten by with the Citadel line; and other paint lines like it. Why would they need another paint line, especially one that's main function is to act as a basecoat?

I decided that for the Foundation paints I'd get right in and paint a model using ONLY the Foundation paints. Well... I'd have to use Citadel's metallic paints, as the Foundation line doesn't include any metallics; but everything else would be only Foundation.

What I found were the following:

+The Foundation paints cover extremely well. This shouldn't have been a surprise, as that's what the line was made to do, but goddamn those things covered like a charm. Even the yellow (Iyanden Darksun), and the red (Mechrite Red).

+They're not that thick. They aren't as thick as you'd think they'd be. I mean, they're still thicker than Citadel Paints, but hardly. The first time I tried them, I decided that I wouldn't add any water to them to think them. Blasphemy, I know; but I had to try. It went on like a dream without obscuring detail, or anything.

+They're dull colors. Probably due to the nature of the amount of pigment added (I have no clue, I'm no paint chemist... Guy...) the colors are more muted, and realistic. No Scorpion Greens here, the colors look like they'd be excellent for historical wargaming, or anyone wanting 'realistic colors' for their models.

+Adeptus Battlegrey looks like it'd be amazing for Non-Metal Metallics (NMM). I'm no NMM expert; indeed, I'm still trying to figure the damned technique out, but Adeptus Battlegrey looks like it'd be a great color to start with for NMM steel. Way better than Citadel's Shadow Grey (which is what I've always been told to start with for NMM steel).

All-in-all I'm super-impressed by these paints and if you consider these part of the full Citadel line (I don't know why you wouldn't) I'd say that it brings Citadel into a tying position with P3 for the best paintline on the market.

I'll post some pictures when I can get off my duff and take some.


P.S. Coming soon is my review of Vallejo paints. A line I've been dying to try out for ages, but just haven't.


CannibalZebra said...

i totally agree with you on the mechrite red. that shit is made of win and red pigment.

TERRMITh said...

You really helped me. I am starting with warhammer and hesitating whether to pick up the Starter set with foundation colors. Now its clear! Thanks.