Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm so excited for tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to paint anything in over a week. I don't work until 6pm so I'm gonna try and get something done. I'm not gonna bother with my RPG miniatures (Barbarian for my D&D RPGA Living Greyhawk campaign (Rackham's Drac Mac Syro), or my Elf Paladin for my regular D&D campaign (a Reaper fig)) because our group's going through a transition right now.

I have these projects to choose from:

+Warhammer Dwarfs (still)
+Warhammer 40,000 Eldar (have to get these dudes done. I still have them from when I quit GW and I need to get them ready for the Apocolypse supplement)
+Dark Age Forsaken
+Confrontation Cynwall (no rush on these guys as I want to see the new list for the new Confrontation game before I go about redoing my army)
+AT-43 UNA (I hate prepaints and will actually paint these)
+Flames of War Americans
+Epic Blood Angels

I'm thinking I'll do some Dwarfing, followed by some Dark Age here and there. I only have 8 models to do for a 500 point force so you'd think I'd be able to get it done. Afterwards I wanna get my WARMACHINE done before I tackle the mammoth task that is doing over 3000 points of Eldar.

God I love painting!


P.S. I'm working on my very own Miniatures Game using 28-30mm models. I'm still working on the rules, and I want to get it patented before I go further with it, but I'm pretty pumped. I've written countless rules systems over the course of my 11 years of gaming, but I've never settled on one I like. I'll be taking the best bits of all the rules I've done, and mooshing them into this one game. I'm hoping it'll actually be fun to play (which is key). Idealy I want to form my own games company and publish it, but those are lofty goals.

P.P.S. I'm also working on an essay-ish (well-formed) argument on pre-painted models, and why I think they're bad for the hobby. I'll post it here.

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