Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Working Title

So just what have I been working on? Well, my interests are so varied these days I seem to peck away at many different things, accomplishing nothing. This isn't really the way I want to go, and so I've decided to focus on my WARMACHINE Cygnar army right now.

This is very hard, because my Dark Age keeps staring me in the eye; I just bought Hybrid and the Nemesis expansion by Rackham and I'm dying to play that (only, I have to finish painting the models first); and today Strategies got in a pre-release copy of the new Vampire Counts book, which just fuels the fire. I now have to finish my High Elves in order to justify doing a new army.

Like that will happen. I predict myself, come March, jumping into the Vampire Counts so deep that I'll need a lifeguard to get me out.

Which brings me to a sort of a rant (not on lifeguards). Why the hell didn't they update all the High Elf models? To say that I'm a fan of the High Elves is an understatement. They're my first army for any wargame... Ever, and I've been waiting six years for that book (yes, that's right, from day one of the last book (which was god-awful)), and I have NO MOTIVATION to redo my High Elf army. Sure I'm using models that are 12 years old and were painted by my 10 year old self, but with hardly any new models I can't muster up any energy to do a new army. Whereas with the Vampire Counts, I'm dying to sink into those new skeletons.

I'm hoping that they get around to doing the High Elf models later. Here's what I want to see:

+New Archers
+New Silver Helms
+New Ellyrion Reavers
+New Swordmasters
+New White Lions
+Some good Shadow Warriors for a change

That's not THAT much...

Anyways I know I always post painting lists, and I rarely adhere to them, but I'm gonna do so again in hopes that I will streamline one to a point where it's stickable.

+High Elves
+Vampire Counts
+Confrontation Cynwäll (yeah I'm using the old paintable ones!)/Hybrid models
+Flames of War
+Dark Age

I'm not happy with Dark Age and Eldar being that low, but I really need to finish some Flames of War, post-haste!


P.S. I'm getting closer to actually doing some work on my wargame. I bought a ton of hex bases, and hex flying bases. That's right, I'm using hex bases in my wargame!

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Sigmar said...

Try the new High Elf White Lion Chariot, it's quite a nice model (the plastic ones have improved a lot over the past few years). Also it has a great profile.


"I predict myself, come March, jumping into the Vampire Counts so deep that I'll need a lifeguard to get me out."

Don't bother ! Enjoy the swim :)

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