Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I actually finished something this time! That's right, my new Eldar army (the third incarnation I've done since I started playing oh so long ago - 12 years) is off to a great start. I've finished my Striking Scorpions, and my Howling Banshees have one day's work left in them. I also managed to finish a HORDES minion while I was at it. Let me take you through the magic that was the last three days of painting.

First off, here's some work in progress pictures of the Howling Banshees I'm working on.

Here's a close-up where I showcase my super-awesome talent with the new Citadel washes. This is Baal Red on top of a Mechrite Red base. Not as good as some wash/paint combos but it looks good and does the highlighting and shading for you.

Here's a standard close-up. Again, these aren't finished. If you look closely you can see my finger.

Here's what we came to see, a view of my finished Striking Scorpions.

Little closer this time. That's the Exarch in the middle with the Biting Blade. Pretty darn neat!

Here's a close-up. Watch out, that's a Scorpion Chainsword comin' at cha! For my army (which is mostly Aspect Warriors) I've gone and copied the Rogue Trader era color schemes. That means gold weapons and none of this 'painting your Aspect Warriors Craftworld color' bullcrap!

This is a pretty good shot of the armor, which is just Scorpion Green with Thraka Green wash over top of it. That easy. I tried to highlight but no matter what I mixed Scorpion Green with, it just looked redundant.

The Exarch now. I did the yellow on them using Iyandin Darksun with Sunburst Yellow highlights. I'm not super-happy with it, but I think it does the trick.

Here's a back shot showing off the way the wash really did its thing on the armor.

Here's an unrelated picture of Alten Ashley for HORDES. I painted him in the time it took the first coat of Shining Gold to dry on the Howling Banshees. That's sort of an exaggeration, as the gold was probably dry during the painting of him, but I like to think that I painted him pretty darn quick. I definitely painted him during the D&D/Penny Arcade/PVP podcast.

That's it for that. Glad I actually have something done. I'll put some more work into the Howling Banshees tomorrow, and I'll be back on this blog to talk about the new Summer Rampage put on by Privateer Press for their WARMACHINE and HORDES games (I may even have somewhat of a battle report for you).


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