Thursday, August 14, 2008


So I have no attention span, as a careful read of this blog will attest. In the midst of an Eldar painting frenzy, I'm managing (I think) to fit in some work on my Epic Blood Angels army. This will be the fifth paint of these models and man oh man are they gettin' thick. I'm pretty sure these figures can withstand a nuclear blast.

Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Crimson Fists
Dark Angels
Blood Angels

Yup... Thick all right. Considering how the 1st Dark Angel paintjob, and the Crimson Fists paintjob were done with the Citadel colored sprays back in the '90s/early '00s.

I'm doing this because two of my friends want to throw down some Epic, and as the resident Epic master of my gaming group I'm more than happy to oblidge a game. I have over 6000 points of Space Marines (way over... I even want to say almost 10,000 points because of my love of Titans), and 'bout 3000 of Chaos Marines. Once I get back from Germany I hope to have a 3000+ point army of Eldar, and a 3000 point army of Orks.

So that's what I've been up to this week. Not much else. I'm only a painting session or two away from finishing my Banshees, 2nd squad of Dire Avengers and a squad of Rangers. We'll see when I can fit that time in.



nfitzgerald said...

Why don't you strip the paint off the models before repainting. Just bathe them in the right chemical overnight then brush with an old toothbrush - this is what I used to do and it worked like a charm. Here's more info I found:

Steel Rabbit said...

Thanks nfitzgerald. I've tried to strip paint off of 6mm plastic models before and there's no easy way to do it that doesn't harm the figure itself. With pewter figs, I'd go ahead, but plastic's much harder. Not to mention it'll strip the glue, leaving a bunch of 6mm soldiers here and there in a tub of goop.