Monday, August 17, 2009

Transmission Received

So I've decided to not apologize for anymore lack of blog posts... It's kinda lame. However, I have been absent for about 2 and a half weeks. Here's why:

When I got back from Italy, I had to start writing three essays before I left Germany on the 19th of August. Well, it soon became apparent that I'd have to lock myself in my room and write, and that the third essay would have to be dropped, due to lack of time, after a couple days procrastination.

Then, on the 15th of August, I left for Games Day in Köln (Cologne). Now I find myself with only one of the two remaining essays finished, and I leave in 2 days... *sigh*.

To top that off, I had to cancel my Internet already, because I was told that I could only hand in the modem to their office in my dorm (which is open from 14-15 Wednesdays, and 9-10 Thursdays). So I did it on Thursday. Well, now I've found out that I could've handed it into their main office (two blocks from my place), and that I wont be able to get my deposit back 'cause they don't give deposits to foreign accounts, and I have to close my bank account tomorrow!

My god...

Anyways, I'll have more for this blog in a couple days when I'm in Frankfurt and will hopefully have Internet access.

I'll also link to my Games Day photos later.


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