Sunday, September 13, 2009

More on Campaigns and Retribution

First of all, to those reading this on IABN who don't read the blog regularly, I'm sorry for the lack of updates this last month. I was moving from Germany to Canada, and as you can imagine, such an endeavor is time consuming. But now I'm back. Que trumpets.

The Warmachine campaign draws near and I've had to give much more thought towards it than time permits me, however I've come up with a solid foundation on which to build the campaign. In fact, the foundation is so solid that the work I have to do on it will be merely superficial. This foundation of which I speak is the Mighty/Planetary Empires sets put out by Games Workshop.

These two sets not only provide a good-looking, and customizable map on which to play, but also gives me a starting point for campaign rules. Now, I don't think the campaign rules are the best; in fact, when I first heard that GW was redoing the Mighty Empires rules I was disappointed with the rules in the booklet (the whole two pages or so of them). However, it was promised that with the release of Planetary Empires (Mighty Empires' grimdark futuristic sibling), the much-loved plastic hexagons would see a rules set worthy of their beauty. I haven't read through the entire book(let) yet, but I can tell you that that might not be the case.

This disturbs me not, for a skeleton-frame of rules is what I was looking for; and upon that skeleton-frame, I shall drape a leathery skin-cloak, one that resembles a land of steam-powered full-metal fantasy. This campaign shall not only have a lovely map to play on, but shall have a story as well leading up to the arrival of the forces of the Retribution and the turn of the dial towards Mk.II.

I've recently had the pleasure of putting together some Retribution of Scyrah models, specifically the Dawnguard Invictors, the Chimera, Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios, and Dawnlord Vyros. I have to put forward that these models are much better in person that on the Internet. This isn't to say that they're awful on the Internet, but they definitely look flatter online. The same goes with the color scheme, which I saw while I was at PAX 2009, and can honestly say that the paint scheme, in person, doesn't disappoint. All in all I'm confident that these models will make up a striking force once they're on the tabletop. I haven't had a chance to give their book a good read, but I'm hoping to have the models done by the time Mk.II is released, so I can throw down, and eventually rule the Warmachine tournament scene with a pewter fist. I've taken pictures. Behold the work I've done on them so far.

I haven't yet decided on a color scheme, but I'm pretty sure I'll do something green-ish. I seriously can't wait to put a brush to these figs. Soon... Soon...

I also have more games right now than I know what to do with. Space Hulk was purchased by myself today, and I've almost finished cutting all of the figs out of the sprues. Dying in deep-space has never been so fun. As well, I also have the demo copy of Arcane Legions to learn. This will also require some sprue-work, but I'm looking forward to it. During PAX, Privateer Press had a deal on Monstropocalypse sets, resulting in me coming into a starter set and four boosters of Set 1: Rise, and therefore the army, Lords of Cthul. I've been playing with that, as it doesn't require me to paint anything, which is a nice change. And last but not least I have the Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition with me begging to be played like we used to when I was in high school (I guess I was more desirable to A&A then). Let's see if I can't get through it all.


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