Monday, October 26, 2009


Added another list to the side keeping people up to date with what I'm playing at the moment. I hope the right side of the screen doesn't get too cluttered. I also tidied up the 'games I play' lists. These lists were originally supposed to be a definitive list of all the games I'm familiar with as opposed to games I regularly play, but I found that just showing off the number of rulebooks I own to be tantamount to douchebaggery. I kept the list at games I have fully painted armies for, and haven't forgotten to play/games I'm currently working on stuff for. For the roleplaying game list I settled on listing all the games I own rulebooks for as the list of RPGs is much smaller than the list of wargames, and I only really own RPGs that I actively play, or at least rotate through. My tastes for RPGs is much more focused than my indiscriminate wargame obsession.

Other than that, I'm still busy with school. Another two months and school will be much less stressful, and I'll be able to contribute to this site more often. Right now I should be reading five books and working on an essay instead of goofing around on Blogger® and listening to German hip-hop.

I recently received a fully-painted Warmaster Fantasy army. Hopefully I'll get a chance to use it one of these days. Right now, I'm searching for opponents for Grind, Arcane Legions, and Space Hulk.


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