Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Revelations!

Merry Christmas everyone! If you don't celebrate Christmas, then have a great day anyways! Personally, I'm not Christian, religious, or one to believe in mysticism, but I'm a North American and that means I celebrate the day of peace, quiet, and consumerism.

Anyway, I hope the holiday season was a great opportunity for everyone to receive some 'phat lewt' as the kids on EverQuest used to say. Personally, I received book two of the Dark Sun series The Prism Pentad, and Planetary Empires for Warhammer 40,000, as well as a shelf from Ikea® that I will stick my games on when I move into my new place soon.

I also received some money from family, and as such I'm planning some shopping. I was looking at the Warmachine Battlefoam bag, and was on my way to punching in my credit card information when I stopped. I stared at the screen and couldn't think of why my finger was limp above the "return" key of my aged Macbook Pro. Suddenly, it dawned on me. My eyes raised to the screen and I was blind to all but the price tag. The bag, with shipping to British Columbia Canada, was priced at $180 US. I stared as if into the gaze of Medusa and quickly hit +W, thus closing the window on Google Chrome, and breaking the hold that foul creature had over me.

There's nothing wrong with Battlefoam stuff; in fact, it's ridiculously nice. However a carrying case for ~$200 CDN isn't. There's nothing nice about that. In fact, it's more than I've paid so far for what I'm going to put in it! With all the Warmachine stuff coming out next year, as well as Runewars, Horus Heresy, and the fact that I shouldn't spend money like a playboy in 1920s New York, makes me reconsider what I'm paying for miniature storage.

I did, however, buy the Flames of War Battlefoam bag, and didn't think that a $100 price tag was unreasonable for that (as I can fit at least two FoW armies in there, and it's 25%-50% cheaper), and I'll be reviewing that soon to favorable results, as well as the Space Hulk foam trays. As I said before. Battlefoam makes nice stuff, it's the price tag that's terrifying.


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