Saturday, December 5, 2009

Reviews You Can Use

So here I come, back again, again!

I know I've had a spotty presence for a while on this blog, but things will start to become more regular from here on in.

Here's what I got coming up!

+Arcane Legions
+Black Powder
+Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition
+Warhammer Invasion
+Chaos in the Old World
+Firestorm Armada

Unfortunately Black Powder will be one of those games that breaks my golden rule of playing at least one game before I review something, as I don't yet have any 28mm historical figures. I'll try and do my best, though, and I'll let you guys know my level of envelopment in the game before I review it.

Projects Logs
+Warmaster Ancients: Romans
+WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah
+Arcane Legions: Romans

Articles (working titles)
+"How to Begin With Miniature Wargames" - An intro guide
+"How to Begin With Historical Wargames" - An intro guide
+"Journey's through the Void" - A how-to guide to creating an RPG campaign using my Rogue Trader campaign as an example.

So that's what you have to look forward to. Expect to see at least one of these next week. Hopefully more!


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