Monday, March 15, 2010

Paint a Day Part 4: The Final Brushstroke

Due to daylight savings time (a most evil invention if there ever was one) I was much too tired when I sat down at my paint table today to do any work. Thus concludes the Paint a Day project resulting in a squad of Blood Angels that are one highlight away from a finished red, and one away from a finished black. Overall, not crazy, but that's how the paint pot rolls (or doesn't in the case of Citadels octagonal pots).

Tomorrow, er - today, I'll do another hour at least, but this wont be documented nearly as extensively (sure, let's go with "extensively documented") as this last week's. I'm still gonna work on some Blood Angels and some Warzone Bauhaus. Today, however, I played two games of Chaos in the Old World, and even managed a victory as Khorne. I'm usually a Slaanesh player, and I'm surely not a Nurgle player as I did rather horribly with him. I'll have to give him another shot next time.

Well, right now I'm off to bed. I want to wake up early tomorrow to get some things done. I'm hoping to do some work on my Warzone blog this week. Make sure to check it out.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paint a Day Part 3: The Lost Episodes

So, despite my three missing days, the "Paint a Day" project isn't a total wash (get it? Like painting wash! Eh? EH?). Wednesday kinda sucked, as I sat down to build some Bauhaus Ducal Militia and ended up doing nothing but that as time slid away; then Thursday I did nothing whatsoever. Today also kinda sucked paint-wise, but tomorrow I'm going to get up extra early and get an hour in before work, same with Sunday. I'm also going to continue this onto the following week, but probably wont make a big bloggy deal out of it. I also have some photos to post, which I'll do periodically throughout the next week.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paint a Day Part 2: Air Brush Zephyrs

I guess this technically counts as a post on Tuesday, but I did get some work done on my figs today! I wrestled with an airbrush concerning my Blood Angel tactical squad and Mk1 Rhino (pics Wednesday?), and I based my latest Warzone acquisitions. I also went through my Blood Angels and tested some washes on various parts of their bodies in order to find the best wash for the job. My original color scheme involved a Dark Flesh wash, but that was in the pre-Citadel Wash days. These days I'm gonna class it up a bit and use one of the washes. After testing Baal Red, Gryphonne Sepia, Devlan Mud, and Ogryn Flesh, I've decided on Baal Red being the closest to the original Dark Flesh wash.

Tomorrow's gonna be slim, but I'm gonna attempt to touch up the Blood Angels, get a wash on 'em, and let 'em dry. I might actually fail at getting an hours work on them, but 30 minutes ought to be good enough.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paint a Day Part 1: A Meeting of Brushes

So I'm trying to get some painting done, and as you all know I'm nototoriously bad at this; mostly due to a lack of time and/or procrastination. To this end I'm doing a project whereby I paint for at least an hour a day this week (which will hopefully carry on into next week as well). I'll also be blogging every day this week while I do this.

Here's what's on the docket:
+Blood Angels
+Warzone (yes, Warzone!) Bauhaus, Imperial, Capitol, Dark Legion and Cybertronic
+Warmaster Ancients Romans
+The last two Cygnar Long Gunner Command models that I need to finish a 35pt. Cygnar army

A hearty list indeed. I don't anticipate I'll finish the entire list, but I at least hope to dent it. I guess I'll keep you updated. Today was taken up by priming and basing the Blood Angel and Warzone figures.

Also, I've always been somewhat obsessed with the Mutant Chronicles universe, and I've now set up a separate blog for it. Chronicles of War. Enjoi!