Monday, March 15, 2010

Paint a Day Part 4: The Final Brushstroke

Due to daylight savings time (a most evil invention if there ever was one) I was much too tired when I sat down at my paint table today to do any work. Thus concludes the Paint a Day project resulting in a squad of Blood Angels that are one highlight away from a finished red, and one away from a finished black. Overall, not crazy, but that's how the paint pot rolls (or doesn't in the case of Citadels octagonal pots).

Tomorrow, er - today, I'll do another hour at least, but this wont be documented nearly as extensively (sure, let's go with "extensively documented") as this last week's. I'm still gonna work on some Blood Angels and some Warzone Bauhaus. Today, however, I played two games of Chaos in the Old World, and even managed a victory as Khorne. I'm usually a Slaanesh player, and I'm surely not a Nurgle player as I did rather horribly with him. I'll have to give him another shot next time.

Well, right now I'm off to bed. I want to wake up early tomorrow to get some things done. I'm hoping to do some work on my Warzone blog this week. Make sure to check it out.


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