Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paint a Day Part 1: A Meeting of Brushes

So I'm trying to get some painting done, and as you all know I'm nototoriously bad at this; mostly due to a lack of time and/or procrastination. To this end I'm doing a project whereby I paint for at least an hour a day this week (which will hopefully carry on into next week as well). I'll also be blogging every day this week while I do this.

Here's what's on the docket:
+Blood Angels
+Warzone (yes, Warzone!) Bauhaus, Imperial, Capitol, Dark Legion and Cybertronic
+Warmaster Ancients Romans
+The last two Cygnar Long Gunner Command models that I need to finish a 35pt. Cygnar army

A hearty list indeed. I don't anticipate I'll finish the entire list, but I at least hope to dent it. I guess I'll keep you updated. Today was taken up by priming and basing the Blood Angel and Warzone figures.

Also, I've always been somewhat obsessed with the Mutant Chronicles universe, and I've now set up a separate blog for it. Chronicles of War. Enjoi!


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