Friday, June 11, 2010

Hordes Painting Challenge Day 11

In order to counteract the intensely frustrating day I had at school (waa!) I came straight home to my sanctuary, made some coffee, put on the D&D Podcast, and sat down to paint. I got into the zone, and painting definitely calmed me down.

Anyway, I finished my warlock (Lylyth), and got some skin and black highlighting done on my Striders. I have but 9 models left to do, and they only have the brown (and some silver) left to do. My Strider Deathstalker hasn't a lick of paint, beyond primer, on her, and this is just because in my random paint line-up she kept getting put at the end. I've decided I'll paint her all alone after the other 8 are done.

Here's Lylyth:
From Hordes Painting Challenge

From Hordes Painting Challenge

Here's all my finished figures:
From Hordes Painting Challenge

Here's all the models I have left to paint:
From Hordes Painting Challenge

And here's a shot of my painting area (chaotic, no?):
From The Wargamer

I've also become very excited about Dark Sun (it being one of my favorite campaign settings), and this thought of a "favorite something" has me filling out lists. After this paint challenge is done, I'm going to make three batches of posts for "Top 10 Tabletop Miniature Games," "Top 5 Roleplaying Games," and "Top 10 Campaign Settings." Stay tuned!


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