Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hordes Painting Challenge Day 7

Yes, I know the timestamp on this post would suggest that this would be the 9th day of the painting challenge and not the 7th, but these photos are from the 7th of June. I tried desperately to get some painting in yesterday but no dice. Today I'm hoping to hit my models with a few brushstrokes, but there's only a week and a half of school left and I need to get working on my final projects.

Anyway, here's the pictures:

Carnivean 1:
From Hordes Painting Challenge

Carnivean 2:
From Hordes Painting Challenge

Both of 'em:
From Hordes Painting Challenge

There ye have it! They're both done! I'm gonna work on the two Shredders, and Lylyth today.

Here's a picture of everything I have left:
From Hordes Painting Challenge


P.S. Alas the paint contest has a victor, and it is not me. Darren (Skorne player) has come in first place on June 7th, but Jay (Cryx), and I are going to finish for the illustrious title of 2nd place. I'll post all the pics from their stuff at the end, and these updates from me will continue, as well as a report on what Jay and I have to paint for Darren...

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The Colour Kiwi said...

Looking good! I'm hoping Maelstrom Games ships me my Trollbloods soon so i can do something similar.