Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hordes Painting Challenge Day 31


So it took me 31 days to do a 35 point army, but I came in 2nd, AND i did the whole army in only 7 sittings! That means, if I did paint every day, I would've finished this army in one week: the same amount of time that the 1st place winner finished his stuff in. Would'a, should'a, could'a...

Anyways, I'm supremely pleased that I did an army that I'm proud of so quickly, and this opens new avenues of speed painting for me. Tomorrow I'll get a picture of the whole force together. I'm also going to have my 1st game around the 7th of July when the Hordes card packs come out. I'll post a battle report of that.

When I post pictures of the whole force tomorrow I'll also (finally!) write an army list and show what was in this army. Until then, enjoi!

The last bit of the army, finished!
From Hordes Painting Challenge

The Strider Deathstalker
From Hordes Painting Challenge

Legion of Everblight Striders with Unit Attachment
From Hordes Painting Challenge

Another picture of the Striders with UA
From Hordes Painting Challenge


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Muskie said...

You can't hide from me any longer. I can be your new cyber stalker. First the cafe now I online. I'm everywhere.

Your first mistake was painting your models purple, your second mistake was choosing the handle SteelRabbit when you could have chosen StainlessSteelRabbit.

You'll have to reed some Harrison to go along wither your Herbert.

Oh and bask in the glory of my mighty blog: