Saturday, July 31, 2010

Long Time, No Post

So I'm done school *much fanfare*, and will be available for much posting. Right now I've been up to my ears in gaming: Warhammer 8, Hordes 2, WFRP3, World of Darkness, WFRP2, OH GOD!

So I'll give y'all an update on Monday, as that's my next free day. I'll also be starting the beginning of a series of articles called "The Wargamer's Top 10 Miniatures Games," followed by "The Wargamer's Top 5 Role-Playing Games." Where each post covers a game. This will hopefully run for 15 days starting monday (in addition to regular posts).

I'm also in a Warhammer 8th edition army builder campaign back at the helm of my beloved High Elves. Oh, and Dark Age is being re-released. Oh! AND! The game shop I work at is hosting our annual painting contest, which I shall submit entries in every category. The entries may surprise many of you, or none at all.

Also, a dark apostle has been spotted at the edge of the solar system, heading right for Earth... Stay tuned.


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