Monday, October 25, 2010

Bumpy Road This

Two posts in a row complaining about a lack of posts isn't very professional. (Not that I'm doing this blog as a profession) I guess this is why I've whittled down my amount of blogging to just this one. Ironically, I got more "extra-curricular" stuff done when I was in school. If you think my blogging has been hit hard since I finished school in the beginning of August, just take a look at my painting, writing, reading, etc.

Without getting too personal here, (this is a gaming blog, not a LiveJournal®) my moments of free time have been taken up with a lot of self-contemplation, and boredom. Not the kind of boredom that is apparent, but one that sort of just sits there, behind you, causing your attention span to be tugged in many different directions; all the while making you wonder just what the hell is going on with you. I would take up projects, only to, days later, dump them. Now I'm not saying that I'm over this; just that I've recognized it, and that's the first step towards getting over it. Right now, I'm working on things one at a time, and learning to take things slowly, in order to approach them in a manageable manner.

For instance: While I'm in windy Victoria, BC until friday, I'm going to do a little bit of work on my Vampire: the Requiem campaign I'm taking my gaming group through. So far I think the experience has been good, though to be honest I haven't put in as much work as I'd like to. This will be one of the things that changes.

Another thing I'm approaching, is that I've streamlined my painting palette. Over the years I've used paints from Vallejo, Privateeer Press, Citadel Miniatures, Rackham (ugh!), Reaper, and Testors, all so that I can gauge what would be the best paints to use. Well, I've come to my conclusion. Are you ready? Too bad if you aren't; I'm going to tell you anyways. Once I get my Top 5 Roleplaying Games list out of the way, and my Top 10 Tabletop Miniatures Games out of the way, I plan on doing a breakdown of my opinions on the various paint lines. However, I've pared down the various paints to: P3 as the main line with Reaper Master Series for metallics, and Citadel washes and Foundation paints for specific works. Of course I'd be open to specific colors from other ranges as they're needed, but these three paint lines will form my painting palette for the foreseeable future.

Lastly, my gaming group (well... Three people out of my gaming group, not including myself) have decided to give Urban War a shot. I couldn't be more excited! I very much enjoyed VOID 1.1, and have been wanting to give its "successors" (Urban War and Metropolis) a shot since they came out (2003/2004-ish). I'm doing the Junkers (as it's an army I've been working on since the VOID 1.1 Gamebox) made mostly out of figures from the old VOID 1.1 Gamebox; another gamer is doing the Gladiators; a third the Viridians; and the last is doing Syntha. I can't wait until their models arrive from special order at STRATEGIES so we can begin the modeling. I'll be sure to document the saga extensively.

That's it for now. Thanks for bearing with me through this time of self-reflection (be thankful that you only saw the silence and neglect part of it), and get ready for more regular updates. In order to help order my involvement with this blog, it'll be updated every monday, wednesday, and friday. See you on wednesday!


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