Saturday, October 30, 2010

Early to bed, holy crap it's 11:00am!

Believe me, I am getting on track with my postings! Or at least I mean to.

Today I woke up late; realized I needed to go grocery shopping before work, or else I'd have nothing to eat until Monday; then went to work. I didn't even get a chance to pick up a new wireless router (I'm all corded-up like a barbarian!). Then after work I had to rush over to a Hallowe'en party. To get an idea as to how quickly I had to get to the party: I drove. Which meant that I couldn't drink. Now I'm no alcoholic, but I very much enjoy my vitamin 'A' (if ya catch my drift). So needless to say I got nothing done, and it's now 2:00am and I need to get up in six hours for work. Technically it's a Saturday, but my Fridays don't end until I've slept!

In hobby-related news: I've been trying to work out a system with the Reaper Master Series metallic paints, and it will still take more testing. As I said in a previous post: I'll do a review on them later. Right now? It's time to hit the ole bed-stack.


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