Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Hero' s Guide to Space Adventure... Are you a hero?

Not a heck of a lot to report today. I finished reading not one, but two, rulebooks! The first one was Urban War by Urban Mammoth (great company, silly name). I'm going to give a more detailed review on this game once I've actually played it, but to me it appears to be a heavily modified Warhammer 40,000 but with d10s and alternate activation. Now, I enjoy 40k, and I enjoy games like Warzone (of which the creators of Urban War were the creators) and I love Necromunda, so the marriage of these three (not valid in mosts states) should be great! I'll report on this in a month or so when all of my gaming buddies finish their stuff and we start playing.

Next, I read Battlestations published by Gorilla Games, which has been getting great reviews. Again, I'm going to give a better review on this once I've played it (hopefully in the next couple of weeks), and I'm very excited to, but I can say this right now... This is a terribly written rulebook. It takes for granted that you know certain rules that aren't explained until later, reading more like a rules compendium than a guide to teaching you how to play. The game also seems complex, with many different rules for similar things (and this is a Battletech fan, you're talking to). However, I imagine if it's good enough for Tom Vasel it's good enough for me.


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