Friday, October 8, 2010

Of Elves

I guess once a day was a little ambitious for myself. Let's see if I can get into a schedule of every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

So in the last 24 hours I've built two very different model kits, despite them both being elves of some sort.

Here's the first one I built:

FANTASTIC is an understatement to this kit. Tons of heads, spikes, guns, and extras to add so much character to your squad. This is to say nothing of how easy it is to put together, and how seamlessly it all fits together. Truly, this is the reason I'm starting a Dark Eldar army, and I do not hesitate to claim that the Dark Eldar models are the greatest figures Games Workshop has ever produced!

BAM! There, I said it.

On the other hand:

These models were the worst I've ever had to put together. High Elves are a passion of mine, but this kit tested my skills as a modeller. Granted I received no instructions along with this kit, as it was part of a Black Box, which Games Workshop sends out to its stores and retail partners in order to display. In a Black Box they just send the sprues, and nothing more. Yet, all three of the Dark Eldar kits I put together were done with a little thought, but easily enough.

This fuckin' kit was brutal! Not only do certain arms go with certain weapons, but they also go with certain bodies! To top it off, the parts aren't numbered consecutively, nor are they numbered A1 to A2, etc. They're just numbered! Which would be fantastic if I had instructions. Besides this problem (which could easily be solved with instructions), the models didn't rank up as nicely as I expect with today's GW kits, and they are in awkward poses. The entire regiment looks like its bounding forth, which is pretty cool, if it wasn't that each figure was attached to his base by a tiny point on the tips of their forefoot. Overall, when put next to the Dark Eldar figures that are only a month off (and a month and a half after the release of these White Lions), they just don't compare; the Dark Eldar take the cake in almost every aspect. And this is coming from a lifelong Warhammer fan, and an even bigger High Elf fan.

More on RPGs later.


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