Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slow Goin'

Hobbying is still happening; everything's going at a steady pace. I've just been taking some time off of the blog for no other reason than for a chance to get my gaming affairs in order. It's been very hectic with my projects and my plans, and I needed to step back and dabble here and there to get my grounding. Too many games have popped up, and too many plans have been changed, and I don't want this blog to be a chaotic mish-mash of my fly-by-night gaming desires.

I'm not planning anything extraordinary, just a return to normalcy after this week's done. Get ready for the beginning of a clearer era of posting on Monday, April 4th.

How fitting that my 100th post is about my problems with regular posting.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And the result is:

Cross-Post from TTGN Talk.


It is with a heavy heart, and claw-like painting hand, that I admit defeat in this challenge. The answer as to why is simple: I got cocky. I leapt out the gate and got the infantry finished, then sat on my laurels for awhile and worked on some Junkers for Urban War. The completion of these Junkers caused me to sit harder on my laurels, until a mad rush to get the vehicles finished, which yielded no completion on that front.

I'm still going to finish these guys (and post the results here), but as for this contest: I'm out.


P.S. I'll post pictures soon. My models are just in two different places based on their completeness.