Tuesday, April 24, 2012

By the Dark Gods, He's Fast!

So lately I've been playing at a Warhammer club in Vancouver's north shore (that's across an inlet for non-Vancouverites. This means I have to take what's called a "SeaBus," which is pretty much what it sounds like) with a great group of guys who are enthusiastic about Warhammer. It's been nice because it's really the only chance I get to play Warhammer these days. Admittedly, it's because I don't make the time, otherwise, to play Warhammer. I never buy the excuse certain (mostly older) gamers give about not having time to play games, because one must make time for things like this.

There are a myriad of excuses for this: I work at a games shop and while it's a fantastic job and I love it, it's hard to come in on a day-off for a game when you're already there five days a week; A lot of my gaming time is taken up by role-playing (which I now do two times a week. One group's been going strong for almost three years); and finally I try and get writing and painting done in my spare time, which is time I could be using for gaming.

All of these I enjoy doing, and as you can see, it doesn't take me out of the gaming world, but it means that my actual time playing Warhammer: the Game of Fantasy Battles is limited. This is sad, because it's one of my favorite games of all time, and it's probably one of the better games out there.

Anyway, this monthly club is the time I make to game in the Old World. The last two months I've been using my Dwarfs, which are great, but the army layout is dated. Warhammer has changed from 6th and 7th editions, and my army hasn't. It still has blocks of 20 troopers in four ranks of five models, it's anti-magic is alright for an older army, but isn't optimized for some of the more magic-y armies out there, and my war machines always misfire (well, that has less to do with the edition change).

Last Sunday, I lost horribly (but I was drinking Guinness and eating Fish 'n' Chips, so it was alright), and decided that next month I'm going to bring out my Warriors of Chaos (WoC) army. I'm not giving up on my Dwarfs, but I did get a little discouraged to find out that in order to "update" the army, I'd have to do some major buying, and painting of new things. As it stands I have 2500pts of painted Dwarfs, and I'm content to let them rest until a new book comes out. My WoC army, however, is pretty competitively built as it stands (I was ahead of my time, it appears), and I've been chipping away at painting them for five years! I think it's high time I rewarded my dark disciples with some action on the tabletop.

This leaves me with the task of painting half a WoC army in three weeks. It's not as bad as it sounds; I only need to paint 25 figures and the color-scheme is dead simple (Boltgun Metal all over the place then two coats of Brown Ink followed by a Chainmail paint job on any ridges on the armor). I think I can do it, and I'll be starting this Wednesday with some final touches on my giant model, as well as the building (from scratch) of a chariot. Expect more from me on Wednesday!


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