Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th - er, 6th of July!

Nothing much to report. Man, it really sucks not having a camera. At least when I had a camera and there was nothing going on, I could snap some pics of what's going on on my paint table. Trust me; I'm painting a lot.

I took a break from my current paint schedule to celebrate the 4th of July, nerd-style. Now you may be asking why a Canadian is celebrating Independence Day. Well, what if this Canadian is also an American? Don't that just blow yer mind?

I celebrated by sticking a tiny American flag on my paint desk, got all my unpainted Flames of War Americans and went to town. I pretty much just finished a platoon and a half, but that's better than a pointed stick in the eye (or living a day longer under the rule of the tyrant King George III). Oh, I also drank about 130cl of beer from Pike Brewing, and Rogue Ales.

All-in-all a good Independence Day. Now I go back to the hum-drum painting of Warriors of Chaos in preparation for a gaming day on the 15th. After that it's back to the Eldar grind and then hopefully some Saga, and more FoW before the next Independence Day. I've been working on that army since America was 230, and I'd like to get it done before America turns 237...


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