Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kickstarters To Rock To

I'm gonna pull on your coat for a bit here, and give you the low-down, Brown on some interesting stuff happenin' on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Rick Priestly's new game. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a Rick Priestly fan. I pledged to this. You should to, so we can play together when it comes out (*Note: Does not include plane tickets to play together).

New "New World of Darkness" game. Mummy's have never interested me, but the World of Darkness interests me greatly, so I pledged to this. I would've liked the name "Mummy: the Wrappening" better, but that's why I'm not a games designer. I'm terribly excited by this game.

A local (Vancouver, BC) development that I got a chance to playtest/consult on. It's lots of fun, and a pretty unique (surprisingly so, considering the ubiquity of its subject matter) concept for a wargame.



Kelly said...

Drake looked intriguing, although it looks like they're falling a bit short of their goal in the last stretch of their Indiegogo campaign. Judging by the comments though, perhaps they'll give it another try on Kickstarter once things are a bit more solid?

Not sure about the game itself (I myself am trying to get away from CCG and CCG style games) but I'd love to get a shot at painting some of those figs. The dragons are especially nice looking, and while big monsters are fun to paint on occasion, I will paint armoured infantry any day of the week with glee.

Kelly said...

Looks like Drake is back, this time on Kickstarter. So far, they are hitting 337% of goal, only a few days in with 38 days to go.