Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nappy Hew Jear!

Sadly, I will not be going to Lock and Load this year. This will mark the only year out of the three (so far) that they've been running it, that will lack my beaming face, and 40% win record. I enjoy this convention so much, that on the first year I had fallen to my knees on Yesler way and cursed at the gods above that Lock and Load shall never lack for Carmin.

However, this year I have bigger fish to fry: GenCon 2013.

I've been wanting to go to GenCon since I first heard about it, and this year—thanks to me being good and paying off all my credit cards— I finally have the means to go. 

On average, Lock and Load costs me $800 (Canadian, duh!) to attend, and while I had no compunction against this in the past, I think that this $800 would be better spent at North America's largest gaming convention instead. 

There are so many thing I want to do. I've never been to GenCon before. I feel that perhaps the best move might be just to go and walk around, and not commit myself to anything for fear of missing something else, but I know such luke-warm actions could cost my experience dearly. 

I'm entering the Dark Age tournament for sure. Dark Age is one of my favorite miniatures games (definitely top 3), and I won't miss a chance to test my skills in the unforgiving arena of a tournament. 

Well, that's what I have coming up. I'll be starting a Dark Age tournament journal here on the blog to chronicle my ascension to power in the wastelands of Attr/Samaria. I'll also be taking part in another painting challenge at work between some folks that involves painting 50 figures quicker than anyone else. I thought this might be a great way to start my brand-new High Elf army for Warhammer. You'll see some pics of those this year too. I'm on the fence about what I want to get done for 40k (Dark Angels, or Eldar) so we'll have to see how the year treats me, painting-wise. 

Anyway. Later.


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