Thursday, February 7, 2013

Painting Challenge pt.3: the Slowdownening

Slowin' down! No matter how much I try and ignore my social, and creative obligations I found that yesterday and today I had a hard time sittin' down to paint. I did get a 2999pt. game of Warhammer in today (more on that next post), so that might've contributed to the lack of work.

I did the base coat and the shading for the skin, though. Tomorrow I'm gonna do the highlighting, and then work on the bones jutting out of the models and that should be it for the wolves. Here's hoping I can get that done by tomorrow night.
The first five
The second five

P.S. I was going to post pictures of the contender's progress, but Blogger's being a real bitch right now and keeps tossing all pictures I upload to the top of the post. It also keeps centering all of my text, so I'm just going to let it chill out.


Kelly said...

Man, I hated painting those Chaos Hounds... nice sculpts, but not all that much fun to paint. Of course, it didn't help that I ran a huge unit of them in a hot pink and jade green colour scheme (the height of Slaaneshi fashion at the time).

Darren Bolton said...

they are turning out nice!

Now that its a nice day, I think my painting is going to slow down.

Darren Bolton said...

they look nice!

Now that its sunny, I think my painting will slow down.