Saturday, March 23, 2013


So my tournament went great. I didn't do so well (18th out of 24th, but I was the only player who had all his opponents vote for him for "favored opponent"), but I had fun, and instead of burning me out on Warhammer, it instead got me wanting to play more. Unfortunately what it appeared to burn me out on was painting large armies.

I got home from the tournament full of resolve to finish my High Elf army I started when 8th edition came out, but I've been picking away at it like a kid with a salad. So what's to be done, huh? Well, I'm going to try and work on some "smaller" projects like my Dark Age Outcasts (who are coming with me to GenCon this year), and my SAGA Vikings. Totalled, these two armies amount to fifty-one figures, which is wholly achievable, and will probably ease me back into bigger projects like my High Elves.

Of course, there will be some Warzone painting in there as I work on some older figures that I've been dying to finish for years. Speaking of Warzone, go here and pledge. Speaking of pledging, go here also and pledge for Drake.