Wednesday, July 31, 2013

No Bones About It

Finally... It's ARRIVED!

I spent most of last night plumbing the depths of this herculean box. Turns out I ordered a ton of miniatures...

But how do the figures look? Well, let's take a look at one figure that I've decided to paint first, the humble blacksmith.

Not bad. The detail is very soft on these figures, but it is a lower-quality material they're working with. I believe the original intention behind the Bones campaign was to provide an inexpensive miniature to consumers. While I really like what I ordered, and have no qualms about my purchase (a fantastic deal no matter which way you look at it), I hope that Reaper still makes the majority of their figures in pewter.

Here's a picture of the henchman in pewter (the one on the left), and the henchman in Bones form (the one on the right).

The pewter henchman is primed white.
I also found out that this new plastic glue I've been working with lately (plastic weld by Plastruct) works on these figures! Though most of them are pre-built, there are a couple larger figures that require some wings to be glued on.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Kickstarter, both how it was run, and what its result was. Bones will definitely do the job so far as gaming pieces for D&D are concerned, but it's definitely not a replacement for pewter, or even polystyrene plastics on sprue (à la Citadel Miniatures). I'll post some pictures and thoughts on the painting of the figures once I get around to doing that.