Thursday, December 11, 2014

Scion of Slaanesh

Keeper of Secrets: Finished!

This figure was a long time coming. I think I've owned this model for over eight years! Anyway, it's finished, and ready to lead my damned legions across the war-torn battlefields of the End Times.

Speaking of which, if you haven't gotten your hands on any of the End Times books—and who can blame you? They're impossible to find in hardcover—I strongly suggest you pick up the newly-added softcover ones. The stories are amazing (Nagash was a bit slow at the end). I've been reading them before bed, and I have to say, the last couple weeks I've been excited to get to bed.

Anyway, I now have a fully-painted 2000pt Legions of Chaos army. But am I going to stop there? Nope! In the (hopefully) rare chance that any of my champions turn into spawn I'll need to have a couple of those foul abominations on hand. I have two days to finish these two models. This is entirely doable.
It appears that I won't be finishing my daemonettes, which is a bit sad. It also means that if I have an opportunity to summon daemons, I'll have to use my old pewter plaguebearers. I love my old pewter plaguebearers, but they're a tad out of place in a Slaanesh army, no?

I'll keep y'all updated.



Matthew Sullivan said...

Congrats on getting your K. of Secrets finished! He looks great (as do your knights from your earlier post). It is always *very* satisfying to get something painted that's been glaring at you for years. Good luck with your coven, or posse, or salon, or whatever you call an army of Slaanesh.

Carmin Carotenuto said...

Thanks! I keep meaning to post a follow-up as to how the tournament went (with pictures!), but I'm a retail jockey, and the holidays are insane.

Now that the mist has cleared, though...