Thursday, April 30, 2015

I played Epic 40,000!

Today I decided to give a couple friends a demo of Epic 40,000. One guy showed up with his Tyranids and we built him a list. I originally wanted to do a small game to keep things moving, but we got carried away and we went up to 2500pts.

The other guy showed up just to watch, so I built a 2500pt Dark Angels army (complete with Imperator Titan, 'cause why not?), and we dove right in. We only got to play two turns before the Tyranid player had to leave, but it was still fun to give this game another go. I hadn't played Epic 40,000 since the late-90s/early-00s.

Epic 40,000 is appealing to my friends because all the armies that were in 40k at the time had official lists in the Armies Book that came with the game. Epic: Armageddon (while an awesome, awesome, game) only has four armies as official lists (Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Orks, and Eldar)—though the fans are doing a good job of amending that.

Anyway, it seems like everything went over well, and we'll probably give the game another (fuller) shot another time. Here are some pictures (don't mind the unpainted pieces of terrain; I'm working on it):

The table set-up: 122cm x 183cm

Imperator vs. Hierodule: Who will win? (A: The Imperator)

Shot from the ground complete with command squad surfing
on a Land Raider.



Legion said...

That's rather awesome looking.

yorkie said...

Looks cool!