Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Punk-Rockin', Never Stoppin'

For those that don't know, Necromunda is one of my favorite games. My list—to the right—of favorite miniatures games is limited to five, otherwise Necromunda would be 6 or 7 alongside GorkaMorka. The reason is that it's easily the most "punk" miniatures game ever written. Gangs with mohawks and studded leather boots fighting it out over garbage and evading the law and rich kids? I can hear The Exploited playing over a vox caster right now.

Now that brings us to today, where my gaming group is starting a Necromunda campaign. This will be the first time I've played Necromunda in over a decade. I believe the last time I played was when the boxed sets got compiled into the hardcover rulebook in '98 (the one with the hazard stripes). This, coincidentally, is the version we're going to be using. The re-make (Necromunda: Underhive) is very close to the original version but is missing some key bits that we felt, ultimately, did the game a disservice. Therefore, it will be ignored.

I'll be using the Escher, which is my favorite Underhive house, and I'll be doing them as punkly as I can (all the names are inspired by female punk rockers). I'd also like to use this opportunity to compile a bit of a narrative about my gang and post it here on this blog. I'll be using the tag "Necrotown 'Nihilators" for any posts related to this campaign, so keep checking back to see battle reports, stories, and pictures of my games.

Now without further ado, let's meet The Necrotown 'Nihilators (note: I'm not actually finished painting my figures yet. Until then, I don't want to show pictures of half-assed paintjobs. Once the figures are finished, I'll update the entries here on this post, so check back soon!):

Julie Ruin (leader)
If there's one word that can describe Julie it's "unlucky." She's had to rely on her skills and tenacity to secure the leadership of The Necrotown 'Nihilators (previously known as the Underhive Rats) from her former leader Kathrine Kool. This has made her all the more determined to move cautiously through her career; keeping one eye peeled for any pitfalls that she can't talk, or shoot her way out of.

Sweet Dee (heavy)
Dee-Lite—known to everyone as "Sweet Dee"—is a strong, silent type. She and Julie were juves in the "Underhive Rats" at the same time, and have moved up among the ranks together. She has no ambition towards leadership, however, and remains Julie's closest friend, advisor, and bodyguard. After all, who would dare knife Julie in the back when you're in the sights of a heavy plasma gun?

Suzi Shrapnel (ganger)
Suzi is a sharpshooter. Suzi has always been a sharpshooter. She's had her lasgun (Lungpiercer) passed down from her mother, and has earned her chops picking off anyone who got too close to her hab. This got her in trouble when she targeted the heavy of the Underhive Rats, who was scrounging for archeotech too close to Suzi's home. This led to a three-day siege by which the Underhive Rats ultimately lost when Julie mutinied against Katherine Kool. So impressed was Julie by Suzi's skills that she immediately hired her and Lungpiercer on.

Klaudia Shiv (ganger)
Klaudia is petty,  sneaky, and closely watched by Julie. She's the one who came up with the name "Underhive Rats" and deeply resents Julie changing the name. She'll still refer to the gang by its old moniker (even though it's just her, Sweet Dee, and Julie that remain out of the original gang), which causes some confusion amongst outsiders. Good thing Klaudia's not in charge of anything important (other than laying down a hail of covering fire).

Marlene Murder (ganger)
No one really knows where Marlene came from. She just kinda started hanging around, which is handy, as she brought her own chainsword. Marlene speaks in the third person, which irritates Julie to no end (who has taken to referring to Marlene in the third person as well). None can deny her skill with the sword, however. Though it is a little startling how enthusiastic she can get.

Carrie Blastein (ganger)
Carrie came on the gang as a juve not too long after Julie took over. The difference is that she came on as a cook! Carrie cooked the best millisaur jambalaya this side of The Wall, and was greatly welcome into the 'Nihilators. At first she avoided combat, but when the 'Nihilators were taken by surprise by a Delaque gang known as the "Hotshots," she quickly took to the shotgun, which has become her signature weapon. Now, it rarely leaves her kitchen, and she rarely leaves without it.

Mish Mash (juve)
Mish was part of a traveling circus, and worked as a dancer. When she was caught pick-pocketing Sweet Dee, Julie decided that her skills were better put to use in the gang rather than lifting creds off of dense Underhive rubes.

Cynthia Cyanide (juve)
Cynthia doesn't fuck around, and wants everyone to know that. After just one scrape with a Scavvy gang she decided that she'd earned the right to challenge Julie. Julie responded with a boltgun shot, which left Cynthia unharmed save a nagging case of tinnitus. This put a stop to Cynthia's mutiny... For the moment.

Patti Patricide (juve)
Patti's known affectionately as "Little Julie," due less to the fact that she looks like her, and more to the fact that she's Julie's favorite. Julie "sees something" in Patti and has taken her under her wing. In fact, Julie gifted Patti with Katherine Kool's "kustom" autopistol ("spark barker") as a sign of confidence (something that's rubbed Cynthia the wrong way since day one).


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