Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scrap 1: Ironboot's Wrath

From the Journals of Julie Ruin, leader of the Necrotown 'Nihilators:

First, the Underhive in all its decrepit glory:

The whole shebang.


Ironically full of scavvies...

My first Gang Fight was against the All Naturals lead by the indomitable Ironboot. They are a gang hailing from House Goliath, and I was wholly unprepared to face them, evidently.

They came at us through the tunnels. Ironboot and two of his shotgun-weilding weirdos popped up through some old ventilation ducts and completely surprised Carrie and Mish. Sweet Dee tried her best to supply covering fire but her primary duty is to be my bodyguard and at this moment two of Ironboot's heavy stubbers had Cynthia and me in their sights.

The shotgun blasts caught us out of cover. The concussive blasts knocked Klaudia off a gantry and down to the streets below.

Sweet-Dee was next. Some meathead strode out into the street like he owned the joint and took aim. Her shot had missed, veering off to his left. She was dead meat; left without a gantry to stand on. She ended up hittin' the dirt too. It was at this time that I didn't even care about showin' up Ironboot. I knew I had to protect my girls, and fleeing is the better part of valor, after all.

We took off. I managed to get all the gals out safely but Carrie suffered a chest wound. She's been suckin' wind all week, which has really affected meal time. Patti's been fillin' in as helper, but let's be honest, I love her to shreds but she'd burn water.


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