Monday, January 4, 2016

O brave new year, That has such games in't

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions—they tend to just get forgotten—but a fun activity a friend and I do at the end of every year is make gaming-based resolutions for the coming one. Now I can't remember too many that I've actually followed up on, but I figure I have a clever mental gymnastic routine to make sure that this year I complete as many as I can.

I figure if I treat the resolutions like victory conditions in a game, I'll try my hardest to complete them. I'll assign each goal a point value ("VP" for Victory Points), and then create a table that determines a loss/victory score at the end. At the end of 2016 we'll see how well I've done. It's with this thought obfuscating logic in my brain that I present the following list:

1. Blog more (0.25VP/post)
Of course this is something I say almost every post after a month or so of inactivity (the average length between posts on this blog, I reckon), but let's try and get at least four posts a month—that's one a week.

2. Paint 1000pts of Capitol for Warzone (6VP)
For as huge a fan of Warzone and Mutant Chronicles as I am I sure don't have a lot of painted figures for it. I must admit, Prodos Games makes a fine model, but some of them are difficult to paint due to excess detail (a weird complaint, I admit), or just strange casting (I still have first wave Kickstarter figures. The sculpts and castings have improved since then). I'm hoping to overcome these shortcomings and get 'er done!

3. Run a three-session Mutant Chronicles campaign (2VP)
I should be getting my Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition book in the mail in spring, and I'd love to run a small arc (or longer if my group likes it).

4. Play through the Age of Sigmar Path to Glory campaign (10VP)
Black Library released an Age of Sigmar Chaos campaign as part of their 2015 advent calendar special, and I managed to convince three other people to join me in it (one player for each Chaos god). I'd love to go from start to finish in this thing, but I've had many a campaign flop so that's why the points value of this victory condition is so high.

5. Speaking of campaigns: Run a Kings of War campaign (8VP)
This goal has a pretty high VP as well, mostly for the same reasons as the last one, but a little lower because I have so many more KoW opponents than AoS, but it's still a campaign so that could just end up nowhere.

6. Attend at least one KoW and Star Wars: Armada tournament (2VP ea. for KoW; 4VP ea. for SW:A)
This year I'm going to get into Star Wars: Armada. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but I am feeling the bug (probably because of the new movie and the fact that I travelled to Japan this December and watched Episodes I–III on the plane (don't judge)). I also really like the SW:A rules and have a plethora of opponents. The score is higher for SW:A because I actually have to build a fleet to play, while I have tons of KoW-compatible stuff.

7. Paint an elf Kings of War army (12VP)
From start to finish, 2000pts. I already have the models purchased and primed, I just need to paint 'em!

8. Play four new mid-level Eurogames this year (2VP ea.)
By "mid-level Eurogames" I mean Kennerspiel winners, or higher (e.g., Istanbul, Serenissima, etc.). This is one per season (and I want it to include 2016's Kennerspiel winner).

9. Play a serious game of Battlelore 2nd Edition (4VP)
By "serious" I mean a game against someone who's also played a handful of games and will give me a run for my money.

10. Just to make it an even ten: Run The Enemy Within Campaign for WFRP 1st or 2nd Edition (15VP)
This is a big one, but I have a willing role-play group. We just need the time to fit it in.

Victory Points Chart:*
0–12: Draw
13–20: Minor Victory
21–40: Solid Victory
41–82: Major Victory
83+: Massacre!
*Based on the Warhammer 6th Edition Victory Points Chart (pg. 198)

Let's see how well I've done on December 31st, 2016!



Darren Bolton said...

I've started my warband. I think I can help you with this goal!

No AoS goals?????

Carmin Carotenuto said...

The Path to Glory Campaign is my AoS goal.