Saturday, April 16, 2016

More Chainmail?

So, inspired by my recent article on D&D: Chainmail, and by all the single model painting I've gotten done lately, I thought I'd give myself a little project to work on. Every so often I'll take a Chainmail model out of my case (maybe two in the case of double models I have) and work on it. I seem to be able to do single models pretty quickly—and Chainmail warbands are really small—so this should be a cinch!

I'll start with the two warbands from the starter set. That way if I want to have some games with friends, I'll be able to use the two forces intended to show off the mechanics of the basic game. I'm going to leave the descriptions of the figures for when I actually have them finished, but here's the group shot:

The three white-primed figures and the leftmost black-primed
figure are members of the Thalos faction (the "gnome infiltrator"
has a busted crossbow. I'll fix it when I get to him), while the
four black-primed figures on the right are members of the
evil Naresh faction, made up mostly of gnolls!

I also have a ton of models from the Mordengard faction (dwarves), and the Ravilla faction (elves), as well as one figure from Drazen's Horde (hobgoblins, goblins, orcs, etc.). All-in-all I have forty Chainmail figures, all of which will get their time in the sun.



Gniknok said...

Chainmail sounds great! Do you need to use the original models or could over proxy from generic models? I'd be interested in trying this game if you're looking for someone to play against!

Carmin Carotenuto said...

Cool! Let me get some stuff painted up, and I'll start bugging you for games.

You don't need the official figures. It takes place in Greyhawk, so generic fantasy figures will do.

Gniknok said...


Gniknok said...

Can I find rules online anywhere?