Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Return to Western Immoren

So, unless you only get your gaming news from my blog (why?) you'll have no doubt heard that Warmachine and Hordes are getting a third edition (Mk3). This is good news, everyone! Lately I've found it hard to justify my constant purchase of every book Privateer Press releases in hardcover, as I haven't played the game in over a year (and before that even longer).

It's not that I ever thought it was a bad game, just that it had gotten too big and complex. At least for me, Warmachine and Hordes expand so lightning fast that if I'm distracted by another game for too long it's hard to come back to it and not be frustrated. Maybe it's just that I was focussing too much on the competitive scene, and not enough on the casual.

Well now I'm looking forward to journeying to the Iron Kingdoms once again. I'm not going to even attempt to summarize all the changes they've announced to the game; suffice it to say they all sound good to me. Here's a list of sources that I've read or listened to:

+ The Announcement
+ Primecast Episode 30
+ Jason Soles' 2¢

Keep your eyes peeled, and your ears pinned back, as there will probably be news coming out daily. I'll most-likely be jumping in on the Hordes end of the pool, and to that effect I've painted a new warlock

I know it's a little dark (that might be my lighting), but I had to paint him to match the rest of my force, which was painted in a drow color scheme, and was originally part of a speed-painting challenge back in 2010. I originally painted an entire 35pt force in seven sessions, and it just involved a lot of washes and drybrushing. I'm going to work on a few more models in the coming months and we'll see if I can't stumble upon some kind of color combination that doesn't look so dark. The only requirement is that the skin is black, the hair is white, and there's purple somewhere on the figure. I'm open to suggestions.


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