Friday, March 3, 2017


Well lookey what GW released last weekend. Turns out I own the original Slambo (well, the pewter one that was available when they still had a Bitz Order service (mid-2000s)).

I'm gonna paint these two maniacs, and I'm gonna paint 'em Slaaneshi!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Martian Madness

So, things go slowly on the Year of Mutant Chronicles. Hey! Don't blame me, Cardinal damn you! Blame all the great stuff that Games Workshop's putting out (and blame the fact that I'm king procrastinator, and am dragging my feet painting my Slaaneshi AoS army).

So what has been done so far? Well, I've begun reading a book (haven't finished it. Got distracted by Designers & Dragons), and I did some bases!

These were all done using the new Citadel Texture Paints, specifically Martian Ironcrust. I agonized forever over what to paint the bases of my Capitol troops to get that particularly Martian look. I settled on some weird concoction that used a lot of inks and washes, and to be honest I was so bummed about how crappy it looked that I completely forgot what I did. So I cracked these guys off their bases (not easy to do with resin figures), and put 'em on new ones and just painted the Martian Ironcrust on using the M Texture spreader (which looks gimmicky, but trust me, it works). Then I drybrushed it gingerly with Kindleflame and voilĂ ! As you can see, as the Martian Ironcrust dries it cracks, giving it that desert mesa look.

Anyway, I get that in the Mutant Chronicles universe Mars is terraformed, but I imagine there's still some rusty deserts out there.