Monday, April 10, 2017

Procrastinating and Doom Troopinating?

So March was a bit of a weird month for my hobbying, in that my social life reigned supreme over all. Not to brag, or nothin' but I was super busy being popular, you guys.

Anyway, instead of painting daemonettes for the Age of Sigmar tournament that's happening in two weeks (eep!), I decided that my precious hobby time should be concerned with sorting 20-year-old cards.


So, it's a maddening process, mostly because I have thousands of Doom Trooper cards, and I'm organizing them in an insane method:

First I'm organizing them by set, chronologically. Then I'm organizing them by card type (color), then I'm organizing them by faction (icon in the top right corner), then they'll get organized alphabetically. But of course I'm leaving space open for any missing cards ('cause I don't got 'em all), so that's where that list on the clipboard comes into play.

That's a list of every card made for Doom Trooper. The problem is that it's not organized by set or type, it's just alphabetically with the set in brackets. So what I'm going to do is use different-colored highlighters to highlight the various sets, and then go from there. 

Now of course, this project is put on hold mostly because it's fucking insane and I need to work on these goddamn daemonettes before this Christ-cursed tournament!


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